History Made! UK Gets Her First Female 'Toppest' Judge

Many years ago women were clearly marginalized, but this sleazy vice is well on a swift fall as women now, say, run for huge political positions, and get to top positions in their own 'right'. History will be made as Baroness Hale, age 72, will get appointed as UK's first female top judge, that is, the chief judge of the Supreme Court.

With its official website at Supremecourt.uk, the Supreme Court is the final court of appeal for civil cases in the UK, and criminal cases from England, Northern Ireland and Wales - which means it considers cases where an order had already been made in a lower court and is being challenged.
Perhaps not for the sake of feminism, she has previously criticised the judicial appointments system for selecting from a pool of predominantly white men from similar economic and academic backgrounds.
As regards her appointment, in a statement Number 10 said the family law expert would take up the position following the retirement of Lord Neuberger in September, having been his deputy since 2013.
As of 2013, she has said: "I look forward to building upon his pioneering achievements, including developing closer links with each part of the United Kingdom, for example by sitting outside London, and improving the ways in which we communicate our work to the public.
A question that must be asked here is whether Hale will be competent in the towering position? Here's what Andrew Langdon QC, the chairman of the Bar, said: ''It is well known that Baroness Hale is a most distinguished jurist and has long been at the forefront in the task of arguing for a properly diverse judiciary.
In this connection, having the society in mind, she has also said: "Recent high-profile cases mean that more people than ever before have heard of the Supreme Court, and we hope that this will help to create a broader understanding of how the judiciary serves society."
October 2 will be historic as Lady Hale will be officially sworn in as president on that day. She will be, along with three new justices. Of whom one is a female - the second female judge, Lady Justice Black.

Credit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40679293
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Get Free Instant Data (MB) Bundle With MTN, Still Hot!

Its hard to come by a free legit "data", but MTN has been wonderful over the period - they're actually giving a 10mb data bundle for free at every recharge you make once every week. At every recharge of N100 and above (you make) they credit you with 10mb. But note that this works only once in a week.

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What can the data be used for?

You can browse the internet (using internet browser) with it, you can also use it for FB, this implies that Twitter, WhatsApp and other internet based apps are not restricted, therefore you can use the 10mb for anything pertaining the internet.

How do I check (remaining) data?

Simply dial: *559# and your data info will be displayed to you, its just like checking your airtime. Go here for info on alternative way to check MTN data balance and how to check data balance on other network providers.

Does it expire?

It does not expire like other data bundle you purchase, that's the good thing about it.


  • MTN credit you with 10mb data bundle at your recharge of a minimum of N100 ONLY ONCE IN A WEEK
  • The awoof seems to be working on ipulse only, to migrate to ipulse simply dial: *406#

Hope you got served, Enjoy! By the way, you love this: MTN Collect Call (& SMS) Let's Me Make Calls & Send SMS For Free
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Creating Opportunities with Your Blog

The internet-verse is filled with writers. While some are average ones (in fact, a larger quota belongs to average writers) there are some, which are exceptionally talented and creative, would produce some great content that holds potential of being liked by all and sundry.

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That said, being successful as a blogger is an amalgamation of too many factors. Not only you have to be good at your art, you also have to take along several other factors that should be able to grab those eyeballs and take your content to a place wherefrom it is read by a larger section of audience.

Let us look at some of the most impacting factors that can help you make your blog click:

Keep a Tab on The Kind of Readers You are Catering to

When I say the ‘kind of readers’ it refers to various little things like their interests, their demographics, their age group, their supposed command over the language you are writing in, etc. let’s say if you are writing articles on health tips, it would be totally unnecessary to include heavy duty words and confusing vocabulary in your articles. At the end of the day, you are writing out those tips to help someone, not impress them. If they are not able to deduce what you are saying through your articles, the might as well navigate to a place that is filled with comprehensible content.

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At the same time, if you are running a blog on poems, make sure you write them well. There is no dearth of wannabe poets out there. Get some feedback for your poems before you start publishing them with a hope that your poem blog will be popular one fine day. With poem, it works well when you already have a knack of writing them, and using some not so common words

Market Your Blog Well

Your audience has to be made aware of your presence, only then will it show any sort of interest in visiting your website. You need to promote your blog on different platforms – be it social media, forums, relevant and related blogs, etc. – if you need to make sure that it has an existence beyond its domain as well. Unless you do that, you won’t be able to gain a lot of traffic. It is also a means to create positive reputation for your website. Posting comments on websites and blogs with good PR would mean that Google will see the quality of back links to your site and rate it higher as well. You also need to optimize it according to SEO guidelines in order to ensure that search engines pay the amount of attention it demands.

Active Link Building

I already touched upon how comments help you in link building process. One the more reliable ways to do so is guest posting. Write articles for higher ranked blogs and post links to your website in the author’s bio. This way, you make sure Google also grants your blog a good page rank.

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Keep all these aspects of blogging in mind and you would not just be grabbing opportunities, but also creating them.

This is a guest post by Maria: Maria is a PHP Development expert who seamlessly delivers focus in her writings. She works for Xicom Technologies, a Offshore PHP Development Company. To get quality development services, Hire PHP Programmer from Xicom Technologies.
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6 WordPress Web Design tips that’ll Boost your Site's Performance Score

If you’re a web designer, you might be well familiar with the popularity of WordPress CMS. Well, there are situations when you may find it difficult to jot down all the essentials that need to go into a great website. Thankfully, there are tons and tons of great WordPress web design tips that have the potential of allowing you to take a sigh of relief and come up with a website that meets your customized needs to the fullest. In this blog, I’ll be covering 6 best tips that’ll aid in empowering your WordPress website designing performance.

Tip No.1- Keep the Design Simple 

Prior to adding all kinds of embellishments to your WordPress website, make sure to analyze whether you really require them or not. The simpler you keep your web design; the better it would be for your website’s success. Simplicity is actually the key to attaining a brilliant web design. Hence, I recommend you to maintain a clean and simple design for your WordPress website.

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Tip No.2- Pay Attention to the Load Speed of Web Pages

While designing a WordPress website, make sure to pay attention to the speed at which the pages load. Slow loading websites are disliked by everyone and in order to make your website stand out from the crowd, it is crucial to look into the page load speed. Including too many special effects in your website may distract your visitors from getting a complete idea about your business message.

Tip No.3- Use images to convey your message

Images work as perfect tools for conveying a message. While designing a WordPress website, make sure to stock up on image to complement your words. You can access free sources such as Flickr, iStockPhoto.com, BigStockPhoto.com etc. where you can find images that suit your business theme.

Tip No.4- Choosing the right font for your web content is important

It is recommended to set up custom fonts on your WordPress website to get that extra effect. You need to carefully choose a font that reflects the brand you’re designing for. Moreover, custom fonts can always allow you to break free from the traditional fonts that are being chosen by a majority of websites.

Tip No.5- Format the words that need to go into your web pages

It’s not worth spraying a bunch of words on your web pages and keeping them lying there like that. In order to enhance your service quality, you need to organize the words into sub-heads, short paragraphs and bulleted lists so as to give a visually appealing look to your website. You can opt for WordPress formatting bar to include emphasis and interest in your web pages.

Tip No.6- Make your website’s colors memorable

Colors are effective tools for inviting people into a brand new world where they can gather information and make suitable purchases with just a simple click of the mouse. Great color tone will set your WordPress apart and create a special impression on the minds of the visitors. You can either use a limited color palette or choose an accent color for designing the web pages.


So, that’s it for this post guys. Hope you’d have loved the tips mentioned above. Trust me, abiding by these WordPress web design tips will ensure a greater success rate for all your WordPress web-designing projects.

This is a guest poast by Liza WilliamsLiza Williams is a web developer by profession and a writer by hobby and works for OSSMedia Ltd company. She loves sharing information regarding wordpress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla development tips & tricks. If you are looking for WordPress Development Services then just get in touch with her.
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Designer Apps that gives your Phone a New Look Every day

There are numerous appearances of Android: There's the stock form offered by Google that is adapted in Google's vision, and there's the form that your maker might rather have you utilization. In terms of interfaces we wish we could change, the last form is generally the one bringing about migraines.



Go Launcher Ex: (Theme apps

It is the most prominent customized application in android market. Download the go launcher ex and get diverse subjects for your telephone. Diverse subjects could be set consistent with subject and feel. In topics, go launcher windows and dark are well known. The application could be downloaded free from the android market. Included widgets are likewise critical for subject to work.

Lovely Widgets: (Icon App)

The application characteristics customized tickers and diverse switches. It additionally characteristics climate redesigns. The application might be set in diverse skins and topics. The application characteristics distinctive ring tones and warning sounds. Nonetheless, the application is a paid one, so you need to purchase it from the android market. It is handy for customizing your telephone.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is an alternate incredible approach to add customization to your telephone. It not just permits you to include the subjects you like, additionally offers customization by downloading symbols packs. The client can change the window shades and browse the numerous scrolling choices accessible. In the meantime it is quick, liquid and quite simple to utilize.

SPB Shell 3d Android Apps

Need to give your telephone a 3d impact, then download this application from the android market. The application backs 3d home screen launcher with brilliant organizer choices. The telephone additionally upholds 3d widgets, which help to customize your telephone. Other diverse boards and widgets might be utilized as a part of the application. It is a paid application that could be downloaded from the application store.

Mystery Locker Main: (Lock home screen)

Acquire more choices to bolt home screen, then this application is adept for you. The application helps distinctive lock forms. It gives you a chance to slide and long press the lock on home screen. The application gives you a chance to enact the telephone with alternate routes. It likewise backings modified wallpaper for home screen. It could be downloaded for free from the android market.

Molecule Launcher

Molecule Launcher is a fabulous Android Launcher that takes a moderate methodology to updating your telephone. Again it is unreservedly accessible in the application store and once you download it, it is not difficult to situate up. You can browse the numerous topics that are accessible in the Atom Store and provide for you telephone an extraordinary makeover. We particularly like The Color of Cities Theme with little, hand outlined symbols.

With these free android launchers, you can give your telephone full-fledged makeovers and make Android an unbelievably pleasant experience. When you feel worn out on the topics, you can utilize Icon Packs and Lock Widgets to make just took the ribbon off new search for your telephone. Welcome to the universe of Android where you don't need to get exhausted in the event that you know the right devices to work with.

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A good phone system is a vital tool in each and every business organization for effective communicate. A phone system direct enables the staff, managers, clients and the owners of a business to be in touch thus facilitating good interaction thus better good quality and better services. This systems saves time as it can allow the caller to leave a message if the respondent on the other hand is not available.

This is a guest post by Emily Matthews: Emily Matthews is a content writer. She is a professional blogger from Kent and have written many articles on Lifestyle, Health, Technology, Food and Fashion categories. Now she is doing research on phone system direct.
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YouTube Marketing Tips to Increase Your Video Views

One of the famous social site which helps business go viral is “YouTube.com”. The interactive nature regarding YouTube is the reason why it's got received a real large popularity amid Internet users of age groups. The key towards accomplishment regarding YouTube is usually of which not simply can certainly people distribute videos regarding on their own, they can certainly leave comments around the videos regarding other people. YouTube video promoting is simple but intricate simultaneously; this is because promoting YouTube video needs to be done in such a way that you are not necessarily appearing in order to right market place your business.

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YouTube video advertising would be more effective when the approach involves viral video advertising being a core ingredient. The ultimate way to get the video advertising portion to go viral should be to find people speaking about the idea as soon as they notice. This can indicate undertaking a thing from the video which is thus sudden or even catchy towards the memory space which it will continue having people prolonged as soon as they have left the website. They may really feel required to talk about the idea with their friends after which you could have became popular in applying YouTube for successful online video advertising and promoting tool.

Post unique video content

There ought to be quality crucial to your videos because it can be difficult to acquire video recognizes in addition to steps inside look for formula when the video can be out-of-date. It really is safer to get in which video in addition to re-submit that for anyone who is aiming to create recognizes in a very provided field in addition to possess a opportunity to struck the actual homepage with additional alleviate.

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Short videos are views increasers

It really is extremely hard in order to add large videos in order to YouTube. Generally speaking, YouTube features a limit with regards to the file size involving videos which is often submitted for the web site. Based on this, seek to keep your online video media easy along with brief. In addition, most people who look at the site usually are not drawn to long along with boring video lessons. Suggested length is 4 minutes for your videos gain more YouTube views.

Share many places as possible

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You should advertise your videos effectively so people are able to see your videos. In case you ended up a celebrity, after that apparently, it becomes a different case. There are numerous approaches used to promote your video content. For starters, it is possible to mail ones associates and also clients to express to these individuals in relation to your video. It's also possible to optimize marketing and advertising by utilizing blogging platforms. You may even available a twitter profile or even a Facebook fan page. Encourage your online video through pay per click, subscribing to forums, and also placing information sites.
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Select Right Graphic Designer To Build Successful Brand Image

Graphic design is the driving force which draws us towards brands. It is an art in which typography and images are used to create an effect or convey information. Graphic designers need to be professional and passionate about designing. Work of graphic designers surrounds our daily life. We can find graphic designs in magazines, newspapers, posters and websites. As the technology is fast advancing, the global market too has started to shrink. In order to stand out in the competition it is necessary to use graphic designing, which catches the attention of the customers and helps the company to build a strong brand image.

graphic design brand

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Features of a Good Design

It is very necessary that you choose a plan that suits your needs. Logos and graphics have become highly valuable to business. A good design will attract potential customers to a product and convince them to purchase it. A strong graphic design can be the stepping stone to success. Innovative designs have helped brands to attain large success and cater to the requirements of the target audience successfully. A professional graphic designer can play a vital role in deciding the corporate identity of a company. Opportunities in impressing the clients should not be lost.

Hiring a Designer

A good logo speaks a lot about a company. It is important that you choose a plan that suits your needs. Before hiring a graphic designer, you can begin by reviewing the work of some graphic designers. Most of the professional designers have portfolios which can help you to assess their work and understand their potential. You can select a graphic designer who is ready to research about your firm before starting the designing. An able designer will ask you interesting and intelligent questions. They will listen to your requirements carefully. A good logo designer will be able to design a simple logo which communicates your company’s message.

Select Carefully

A good logo captures the true essence of your company. It should be customized to your needs. It should take into account the target audience and must comprise of vector files. A logo with vector files does not get damaged if it is increased. It is important that you hire a designer who understands your needs and helps you to survive in the competitive field. You can plan to find a graphic designer who has long experience in different design fields. You can seek referrals from the people whom you trust.

Follow These Steps

  • As you choose a plan that suits your needs you can keep the following points in mind: 
  • Make a list of your business requirements.
  • Research well on what the competitors are doing.
  • Hire a designer who specializes in designing logos.
  • You can look up online directories for experienced graphic designers.
  • Check whether portfolio of the graphic designer relates to the kind of work you are in search of.
  • Check the credentials of a graphic designer.
  • Ensure that the cost incurred by you is within the budget.
Discussing the timeline of the project is important. Usually we think of hiring a graphic designer when we start a business. Before signing the contract, it is necessary that terms and conditions are discussed with the designer. Choose the best designer and help your brand to be a cut above the rest. As a demand for top-class logos is on the rise, you will need to hire a passionate and successful graphic designer to build the brand image. Ensure that you logo design is original and unique. Design work on business cards, brochures and websites, are also very important.

This is a guest post by Sam: Sam decided to launch his start-up a year back. He hired a top-notch graphic designer to design his website. He was extremely satisfied with the services. You can know more about him
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How to Make Money with Art

We all know the meme of the starving artist - and it rings true because it so very often really is true. Many have discovered that it is not so easy to make money with art. Even with true talent, hard work, and a formal art education, making money with art, especially enough to actually live on, is still difficult for most artists.


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A long held tradition in the world of art, and a great way to make money with art, is the commissioned piece of art. Portraits are the most common commission and these will keep your work on display for generations. Pet portraits are a growing field for artists to take commissions in. How fun!

Landscapes in general are perennial favorites in the art world. You know your surrounding the best, but be willing to travel for these commissions if asked. Architecture of schools, businesses, homes, and institutions are also a common commision for artists, and again insure an audience for your art for many years to come. Design and include a nice plaque or wall board for all of your commissioned pieces. All the better if it is not removable and part of the work or the frame.


Many businesses and hospitals hang art, find one whose taste resembles your own.
Most of these places want to improve their standing in their community and will support a local artist. Often a sale to a business can include a series or multiple works of art. While they are looking for a unifying decorative theme and feel for their building, you will profit if you know this and make more art to sell as a somewhat cohesive group of pieces. This is also an area of art sales where you should include your artist information so people viewing the work in the public space will be able to pursue your work.


More and more artists sell exclusively online. Being able to connect directly and instantly with art fans and buyers is a great boon to artists. This often reduces the fees and percentages for hosting art to mere pennies. Usually selling art online is a direct venture, with no agents or gallery between you and the art buying public. From Etsy to DeviantArt and everything in between, there are hundreds of successful marketplaces online to sell your art.

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While some artists consider this beneath them, all artists have to pay the bills. From sketches for print advertising to large signs that many will see for years, art in the name of selling can still be effective. A connection with a local advertising firm or newspaper can be a great asset to this sort of sale.

Sell Art, Pay Bills, Buy Supplies, Make Art

Don’t be a starving artist! It is well known that those artists who have the ability to devote their lives to their art without working elsewhere are more successful and prolific. Open your options to sell that art!

Guest article by: Jeffrey Jones found a great Real Estate Agency in London that he's been using to find the best place to live. He's not moving right away, but he hopes to relocate soon.
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4 Reasons Why Content Stitching Shouldn’t EVEN be Your Last Resort

Left your sophomore days of copying assignments far behind, but still finding it hard to break your old habits? It’s time to change your ways before they get you in trouble. It’s already creating mega-headaches for those who’ve ripped-off the contents of other websites to create their own.
Google has been penalizing websites with copied content at the drop of a hat and believe us it’s not nearly as indulgent as your school or college teachers.

Google is not the only search engine that’s been harping on originality, others like Bing and Ask.com are also encouraging websites to have original content.
Put differently, it’s so long to the days of copying content from different sources a.k.a Content Stitching.

The dark art of content stitching

Back in the day, to seize 1st page rankings people use to promote their content on as many different places as they could and in months or so they could get the desired results. As the content quality wasn’t much of a focus webmasters used to copy content from numerous sources and present it as their own. In its purest form it is a blatant theft of intellectual property, but the situation became alarming when some stitched content started ranking better than the original content. That’s when search engines started taking some stringent measures to desist it.
Google’s latest updates are a proof of search engine’s crusades against content copyright infringement. But that’s not all, here are few other reasons why content stitching is not such a good idea-:

1) Penalization by Search engines

The biggest disadvantage of content stitching is penalization by search engines. Since Google’s last updates, namely Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird, thousands of websites which were ranking on the first pages of search results have started ranking in 200 or 500 search result positions. In a way it is quite fair. People surfing the net are looking for original content and if they find stitched content on the first few pages of search results, they’ll be pretty miffed with the search engines. This was the main reason why Yahoo search was not able to compete with Google and why Bing and Google spend billions of dollars on organic search algorithms.
The head of Google's Webspam team‘Matt Cutts’ clearly disapproves the practice of combining content from various websites.

2) High bounce rate

As said in the previous point every web surfer is looking for original content. They want to know something new or some new viewpoint or idea from somewhere new. NEW is the buzzword here. So whenever they find mix and match content they shun the website in search of a better quality. Since the start of tabbed browsing and high speed internet, bounce rate on every website has increased significantly. So in this competitive environment original and interesting content is the only way to get your visitors spend time on your webpage.
With a low bounce rate, a lot many things can be monitored and improved.

3) Low social media reach

Social media circulation of your content is now a very important and effective way to promote your website. In social marketing also original content is the key. Stitched content can get 100 or 200 shares depending upon your follower base. But for a content to become truly viral, which is the ultimate aim to promote on social media, you need originality.

4) Risk of legal actions by owners 

Lastly, copying content is actually punishable by law under the numerous, and global, copyright and intellectual property rights laws. Using Google’s webmaster tools and plagiarism checking tools like Copyscape, authors can easily check if their content is getting copied or not. Technology and international laws are so advanced now that no matter where you are the author can find you and sue you for copyright infringements. It’s already happening. And make no mistake some of these infringement penalties can be dreadful.

Wrapping Up

Original content is difficult to produce, but once created it is much easier to market and promote. If your content is authentic and new, you would automatically garner a genuine audience. In the long run this audience will bring business to you.
If on some occasion you want to find out whether your original content has been ripped off by someone, you can check it easily using Google Alert services and Copyscape. You can take action against them through Google itself. All you have to do is report your case on Google’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act infringement page and you can create a lot of pain for the robbing party. Or if you want to get to the bottom of it, hire a lawyer.
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