Complete Firefox keyboard shortcuts


Firefox keyboard shortcuts

These are the complete Firefox keyboard shortcuts, One huge benefit i enjoy everyday using Firefox is not reaching for my mouse to do so many routine tasks and this is because i have memorized a lot of Firefox keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts also works with other web-browsers.

Below are the super amazing complete Firefox Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl+D                                                    To Add Bookmark
Backspace or Alt+<-Back                To navigate to previous page.
Ctrl+B or Ctrl+I                                   To search for Bookmarks
F7                                                            For Caret Browsing
Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4                              To Close Tab
Ctrl+Shft+W or Alt+F4                     To Close Window
Ctrl+Enter                                            Completes .com Address 2
Shft+Enter                                           Completes .net Address 2
Ctrl+Shft+Enter                                 Completes .org Address 2
Ctrl+C                                                   To Copy
Ctrl+X                                                   To Cut
Ctrl+ -                                                   Decrease Text Size
Del                                                         Delete
Shft+Del                                              Delete Individual Form Auto-Complete Entry
Ctrl+Shft+I                                          DOM Inspector
Ctrl+J                                                    Brings out the download page
Ctrl+G F3                                             Find Again
'                                                              Find As You Type Link
/                                                             Find As You Type Text
Ctrl+Shft+G or Shft+F3                  To Find
Ctrl+F                                                   Find in This Page
Shft+Backspace or Alt+->             Forward
Down arrow                                      To go Down One Line
Up arrow                                             To go Up One Line
PageDown                                          Go Down One Page
PageUp                                                Go Up One Page
End                                                        Go to Bottom of Page
Home                                                   Go to Top of Page
F11                                                         Full Screen
F1                                                            Takes you to the Help window.
Ctrl+H                                                    History
Alt+Home                                            To you back to your Home Page
Ctrl+  +                                                   Increase  Text Size
F6                                                            Move to Next Frame
Shft+F6                                                 Move to Previous Frame
Ctrl+M                                                  New Mail Message 3
Ctrl+T                                                    New Tab
Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+PageDown         Next Ta
 Ctrl+Shft+Tab or Ctrl+PageUp    Previous Tab
Ctrl+N                                                   New Window
Ctrl+O                                                   Open File
Enter                                                    To log in, sign in, proceed, search or submit. (opens a link)
Ctrl+Enter                                          Open Link in New Tab
Shft+Enter                                         Open Link in New Window
Alt+Enter                                           Open Address in New Tab 2
Ctrl+I                                                    Page Info
Ctrl+U                                                   Page Source
Ctrl+V                                                   Paste
Ctrl+P                                                   To Print
Ctrl+Shft+Z or Ctrl+Y                       Redo
F5 or Ctrl+R                                        Reload
Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+Shft+R                   Reload (override cache)
Ctrl+0                                                   Restore Text Size
Ctrl+S                                                   Saves Page As
Alt+Enter                                            Save Link Target As
Ctrl+A                                                   Select All(selects whole page)
Ctrl+L or Alt+D                                  Select Location Bar
Down                                                   Select Next Auto-Complete entry in text field
Up                                                         Select Previous Auto-Complete entry in text field
Ctrl+Down                                         Select Next Search Engine in Search Bar
Ctrl+UpSelect                                   Previous Search Engine in Search Bar
Ctrl+[1 to 9]                                       Select Tab [1 to 9]
Esc                                                        Stops a loading page or a current, it also removes drop down menu
Spacebar                                           Toggle Checkbox
Ctrl+Z                                                  Undo
Ctrl+K                                                 Takes your cursor to your browsers “search box

These are the complete Firefox keyboard shortcuts, I hope this helps. Cheers and happy surfing.
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