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The internet-verse is filled with writers. While some are average ones (in fact, a larger quota belongs to average writers) there are some, which are exceptionally talented and creative, would produce some great content that holds potential of being liked by all and sundry.

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That said, being successful as a blogger is an amalgamation of too many factors. Not only you have to be good at your art, you also have to take along several other factors that should be able to grab those eyeballs and take your content to a place wherefrom it is read by a larger section of audience.

Let us look at some of the most impacting factors that can help you make your blog click:

Keep a Tab on The Kind of Readers You are Catering to

When I say the ‘kind of readers’ it refers to various little things like their interests, their demographics, their age group, their supposed command over the language you are writing in, etc. let’s say if you are writing articles on health tips, it would be totally unnecessary to include heavy duty words and confusing vocabulary in your articles. At the end of the day, you are writing out those tips to help someone, not impress them. If they are not able to deduce what you are saying through your articles, the might as well navigate to a place that is filled with comprehensible content.

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At the same time, if you are running a blog on poems, make sure you write them well. There is no dearth of wannabe poets out there. Get some feedback for your poems before you start publishing them with a hope that your poem blog will be popular one fine day. With poem, it works well when you already have a knack of writing them, and using some not so common words

Market Your Blog Well

Your audience has to be made aware of your presence, only then will it show any sort of interest in visiting your website. You need to promote your blog on different platforms – be it social media, forums, relevant and related blogs, etc. – if you need to make sure that it has an existence beyond its domain as well. Unless you do that, you won’t be able to gain a lot of traffic. It is also a means to create positive reputation for your website. Posting comments on websites and blogs with good PR would mean that Google will see the quality of back links to your site and rate it higher as well. You also need to optimize it according to SEO guidelines in order to ensure that search engines pay the amount of attention it demands.

Active Link Building

I already touched upon how comments help you in link building process. One the more reliable ways to do so is guest posting. Write articles for higher ranked blogs and post links to your website in the author’s bio. This way, you make sure Google also grants your blog a good page rank.

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Keep all these aspects of blogging in mind and you would not just be grabbing opportunities, but also creating them.

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