Get Free Instant Data (MB) Bundle With MTN, Still Hot!


Its hard to come by a free legit "data", but MTN has been wonderful over the period - they're actually giving a 10mb data bundle for free at every recharge you make once every week. At every recharge of N100 and above (you make) they credit you with 10mb. But note that this works only once in a week.

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What can the data be used for?

You can browse the internet (using internet browser) with it, you can also use it for FB, this implies that Twitter, WhatsApp and other internet based apps are not restricted, therefore you can use the 10mb for anything pertaining the internet.

How do I check (remaining) data?

Simply dial: *559# and your data info will be displayed to you, its just like checking your airtime. Go here for info on alternative way to check MTN data balance and how to check data balance on other network providers.

Does it expire?

It does not expire like other data bundle you purchase, that's the good thing about it.


  • MTN credit you with 10mb data bundle at your recharge of a minimum of N100 ONLY ONCE IN A WEEK
  • The awoof seems to be working on ipulse only, to migrate to ipulse simply dial: *406#

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